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3 Super Healthy Menus for Diabetics

Doing a little change in the selection of types and cooking methods for diabetic diet turned out to be very beneficial to support the success of the diet, you know. What are the right menu choices for diabetics?
Kathleen Zelman, dietitian and health expert from WebMD , said the selection of healthy menus for diabetics, including:

1. Grilled fish with vegetable salad

This menu is perfect for replacing flour fried fish with fried potatoes that have 92 grams of carbohydrates in one serving.
Grilled fish menu with a salad of green leafy vegetables and mix vegetable , containing chunks of chickpeas, carrots and a bit of pipel corn, has a carbohydrate content of 48 grams which is more suitable for diabetics.

2. Grilled chicken with sweet potato and asparagus pieces

The carbohydrate content in this menu is 29 grams which is supplemented with high fiber and vitamin A intake.
This menu is far better for diabetics than consuming flour fried chicken and mashed potatoes with lots of herbs that have 96 grams of their carbohydrate content.

3. Vegetable sandwich with chicken

This sandwich is far more recommended than diabetics choosing a sandwich with tuna fillings. Why? In one portion of tuna fish sandwiches that are ready to eat, mayonnaise is added quite a lot. Tuna sandwiches generally tend to be small in size so that the chips and sweet drinks are often added which causes the carbohydrate intake to soar up to 180 grams.
The right choice of sandwiches is a whole-grain bread sandwich with stuffed chicken or turkey and sliced ​​leafy vegetables, cucumber and tomatoes. The size tends to be larger and if you add a glass of low-fat milk, the carbohydrate intake in one serving is only 55 grams.
Now, with a little change in the type and method of cooking food, now diabetics can still eat delicious and healthy, right?

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