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5 Characteristics of Cervical Cancer that Women Should Watch Out for

Cervical cancer is one type of cancer that is very dangerous for women. This cancer can cause reproductive system disorders to cause death. Cervical cancer appears in women because there is an infection from HPV. This infection causes inflammation of the cervix and malignant cancer slowly appears.
Although malignant, cervical cancer can still be treated properly if it is still in its early stages. For this reason, women must pay more attention to their bodies by knowing the symptoms below.

1. Abnormal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding usually occurs when the menstrual cycle arrives. If outside the menstrual cycle women experience severe bleeding or after intercourse, they should immediately check with a doctor.

2. Pain during intercourse

The sexual activity experienced by women should not provide enough pain to torture. When you have sex, women always feel pain, you should immediately do an examination.

3. Continuous abnormal vaginal discharge

Abnormal vaginal discharge is usually triggered by an infection inside the vagina. If the vaginal discharge that is experienced doesn’t stop and gets worse with the liquid that smells bad, there could be cervical cancer in there.

4. Often anyang-anyangan

If women often experience anyang-anyangan and can not resist the urge to go to the bathroom, it means there is interference around the cervix and bladder. Although not always cancer, it’s not wrong to do an early examination.

5. Easy to get tired

If a woman gets tired easily and her appetite decreases even though she is not sick, there are two possibilities. The first is stress and the second is cervical cancer. To find out what happened to the body try checking.
Well, hopefully the five signs above don’t happen to us all!

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