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7 Medical Reasons Why Women Refuse Invitations to Make Love

Some men often complain about their partners who often reject the invitation to make love. Even though in one week they have not done bed activity at all. This condition causes men to hold their libido or easily masturbate completely.
If couples often refuse invitation to make love, try to invite dialogue. It could be that his refusal has a reason and they are embarrassed to say it. If the reason is related to health conditions it could be that the seven things below are the cause.

1. Fungal infections

Fungal infections cause the vagina to often give off a liquid with an unpleasant odor. In addition, the infection also causes heat, pain, and also itching so that sexual activity cannot be done.

2. Hormone imbalance

When estrogen decreases in a woman’s body, their passion for sex is getting smaller. This condition usually occurs when a woman begins to age.

3. Sexually transmitted infections

Having sexually transmitted diseases is the most frightening thing for women. Finally, instead of stories with husbands, they became more silent and refused all requests to make love from their partners.

4. Hypertension

Some women who experience hypertension are afraid during intercourse. Heavy blood flow makes them worry about a heart attack appearing.

5. Diabetes

When experiencing diabetes , libido from a woman will slowly decrease. In addition, the condition of the vagina will also become more dry so that women will often experience pain when men penetrate.

6. Menopause

When experiencing menopause or near that time, women will experience hormonal changes. The condition of her vagina will also dry out and rarely release lubricating fluid.

7. Depression

Depression often affects women who are getting old. This condition causes their mood to have sex so low that they often reject invitations from partners.
Well, if wives often refuse to invite dialogue, who knows the problem can be solved together.

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