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Accustomed to Combining Breakfast and Lunch, Harmful?

Due to various activities that must be done in the morning or do not want to be late, many people skip breakfast time and replace it with brunch , a combination of breakfast and lunch. Actually, do frequent brunches endanger health?
Health expert who is the chairman of the Indonesian Food Nutrition Center, Prof. Hardinsyah, MS, PhD called brunch as something that is done a lot by humans due to the development of time and lifestyle. Even so, Prof. Hardinsyah considers this habit unhealthy and should not be done every day. If we do it on weekends because we are lazy to get up early and need longer rest periods, this is fine. It’s just that, brunch habits  should not be done every day.
“This brunch activity should be done occasionally. When the weekend is okay, but not every day because it is not healthy, “explained Prof. Hardinsyah.
If you do brunch every day, then you will get bad effects such as weight gain, concentration problems, and a non-stamina body.
“Logic, if the stomach rumbles in the morning, we will easily get dizzy. Stamina will also drop dramatically. In the long term this activity can make you gain weight because at lunch or dinner you will eat more greedily because you don’t feel full easily, “said Prof. Hardinsyah.
In addition to rice with a large portion and high in calories, often we will do brunch by consuming other menus such as waffles or other sweet cakes that can also increase weight. In fact, in order to compensate for hunger in the morning, sometimes we also consume other snacks that are not healthy.
When we do brunch by eating large portions of food, it is very likely that the stomach will be shocked and sick due to the amount of food that enters the stomach. Instead of making the body more comfortable and energetic, we may feel uncomfortable  for us .

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