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Alert, Home Can Cause Children’s Injuries!

Home is the most comfortable place for families. To make it a safe and comfortable place, you need to minimize the risk of injuries that may occur at home. If you don’t pay close attention, your child can also get injured at home.

Some accident risks that need to be avoided at home

1. Cable arrangement

Cable arrangement needs to be considered properly. Cables that are left without a cover or protector can run the risk of peeling and causing a fire. In addition, open wires can also make the child electrocuted. Make sure the cable does not cross the floor because it can trigger injury.

2. Curtains or curtains

Curtains or curtains are one of the equipment in the house that is often used as toys for children. Sometimes children like to play curtains for hiding places or just pulling around and wrapped around the body. This method can cause the risk of getting too tight so that it suffocates or risks falling.

3. Unsafe socket

Power outlets or electrical terminals that are left open can also be a trigger for danger. We recommend that you avoid open outlets from the reach of children by giving the socket a cover. In addition to preventing the risk of being electrocuted, giving a plug and always unplugging unused cables is one way to save electricity.

4. Do not clean the air conditioner regularly

Clean the air conditioner in your home every 2-3 months to prevent children from having allergies and to maintain air circulation at home. Dirty air conditioners can trigger allergies and some respiratory disorders, especially in children.

5. Place the anti-slip mat in the bathroom

To avoid children and parents falling in the bathroom, you can add a non-slip mat in the shower and toilet area. Don’t forget to clean the mat regularly to make it more hygienic.

6. Sharp and dangerous objects

You can store kitchen utensils such as meat knives and other sharp tools on a shelf that is not accessible to small children. In addition, equipment such as matches or folding knives can be stored in a locked cabinet or drawer.
How is Mom, is your house safe enough for children?

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