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Besides Public Toilets, Here Are 3 Public Places Inhabited by Millions of Bacteria

It’s no secret that public places or facilities are places that are not safe for one’s health. Because, whatever facilities are in public places must have millions of germs and bacteria that can attack anyone. In addition, cleanliness is also not guaranteed so that anyone is required to be more careful in using public facilities or when in public places.
Until now, there were several public places which were believed to be a nest of bacteria and could infect everyone, such as public toilets. However, not only that, there are several other public places that you need to pay attention to when you are in that place. Here are 4 public places inhabited by millions of harmful bacteria.

1. Internet cafe

Internet cafes or internet cafes are public places equipped with dozens of computer devices and used interchangeably. According to the results of a study conducted by CBT Nuggets,all of these devices store millions of bacteria that are ready to attack everyone who uses them. The device starts from the keyboard, mouse, monitor, to the table and chair. For this reason, when you are in an internet cafe, you must ensure cleanliness by using antiseptics first.
2. ATM
Almost everyone now has an ATM card. Because, with ATMs, all financial transactions are considered to be easier. ATM machines are easily available everywhere, from shopping centers, offices, gas stations, and several other places. Well, because so many use it, ATM machines are touted as the center of bacteria and germs. The same thing was also conveyed by the University of Arizona , that the ATM machine is on average inhabited by 1,200 germs, including E. coli.

3. Fitness Center

Who would have thought that in this health place were so many bacteria nesting? This is true and has been proven by various health surveys. In the gym, there are so many germs and bacteria that nest. The germ can be caused by alternating use, it can also be caused by chemical reactions from the device. For that, after doing fitness activities at the center of training, it’s good that you immediately clean yourself so that bacteria do not stick to the body.

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