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Beware, This Drink Can Trigger High Uric Acid

 Most people think that uric acid crystals are only triggered by foods that have high purine content. In fact, this can also be caused by certain drinks. If we consume it in excessive amounts, the risk of gout which can cause joints to be stiff, hot, painful, and swollen will increase significantly.
One drink favored by many young people but can be the main cause of gout problems is beer. As we know, gout is often considered a disease of the elderly. If from a young age we often consume beer that is rich in alcohol content, the risk of getting this disease at a young age will increase significantly.
For information, like innards or seafood, beer turns out to be rich in purine content. If we consume it in large quantities, the uric acid crystals will accumulate more in the body and cause gout attacks will come more easily.
Besides beer, we also should avoid carbonated drinks. Even though it has good taste, soft drinks have a very high artificial sweetener content. This content can cause an increased risk of gout attacks. In fact, a study shows that if we consume carbonated drinks on a regular basis, then the risk of gout can increase by up to 2 times. Energy drinks can also cause the same health effects because they have very high artificial sweeteners. If we often consume it, the risk for gout attacks can increase significantly.
Drinks that are often considered healthy even though it is actually not good for our bodies such as packaged fruit juice turned out to also significantly increase the risk of gout attack. This is caused by high levels of fructose sugar in it. For this reason health experts prefer to consume natural fruit juices or homemade juices that are much healthier and do not have excessive sugar content.

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