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Chocolate Can Cause Difficulty?

Why do almost everyone like chocolate? Health experts say that in chocolate there are stimulants that can make the brain release the hormone endorphin or a hormone that makes us more happy and calm. By eating chocolate, then we will make feelings of sadness or mood that is not good disappear. It’s just that there is an assumption that calling chocolate can cause constipation. Actually, is this presumption in accordance with medical facts?
Until now, there have been no studies that prove that chocolate or its ingredients such as cocoa can trigger constipation . It’s just that, in the chocolate we consume it is usually also mixed with other ingredients such as sugar or fat. These additional ingredients are feared to cause adverse effects on the digestive tract, including constipation. This means, if we consume too much chocolate bars, chocolate candy, or other chocolate-flavored drinks, the risk of constipation increases.
There are many causes of constipation. It’s just that, usually this is caused by unhealthy eating patterns such as lack of fiber due to rarely eating vegetables and fruits, lack of drinking water, and lack of movement. A diet that lacks fiber and lacks drinking water will make the digestive tract slow down which ultimately affects the coming of constipation problems. In addition, if we lack movement, the muscles in the digestive tract will not contract enough so that it is difficult to excrete.
Some other health problems that can also cause constipation are irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, hypertension, diabetes, and Parkinson’s. These health problems can affect muscle function in the anus and large intestine which eventually causes constipation.
The problem is constipation which will not only cause painful or uncomfortable stomach sensations. Letting it happen often can make us more susceptible to hemorrhoids until the arrival of cancer in the intestine. For this reason, we must immediately check the constipation condition that we experience to the doctor if it does not go away.

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