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Do not Originally Buy Snacks to Break

 Many people take the time to buy snacks to break their fast. For this reason, street vendors such as market snacks or other snacks are usually filled by buyers during the afternoon. It’s just that, according to health experts, it’s good we are not careless when buying snacks to break the fast.
Actually, the presence of market vendors selling fasting is indeed very helpful for people who don’t have time to make fast food or drinks. It’s just that, not all traders sell food that can be ensured of the cleanliness and safety of the ingredients.
The Drug and Food Supervisor Association (BPOM) said that it would be good for us to be aware of food and drinks with too striking colors and foods with a strong odor. It is feared, this indicates that the food uses hazardous chemicals.
In addition, do not arbitrarily choose cold drinks sold on the roadside because it is feared to use dyes that are not intended for food, high sugar content, or even ice that is not made with boiled water or that is not really clean.
Several times BPOM found snacks samples that turned out to use textile dyes such as Rhodamine B and formalin. Quite a lot of snacks such as steamed sponge, layer cake, apples in red, or jipang with a striking red turned out to use this dangerous chemical.
Not only that, many iftar drinks have a very high sugar content. In fact, it is common knowledge that consuming sweet drinks can lead to weight gain or increase the risk of developing diabetes . Meanwhile, if we consume a drink with ice that is not ripe or unhygienic, it is feared we will experience abdominal pain or other digestive disorders.
Seeing this fact, do not arbitrarily buy snacks to break the fast and be sure to choose healthy, safe, and hygienic snacks.

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