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Easy to do, this is a powerful eating tip to prevent diabetes

It is no longer a secret if type 2 diabetes is one type of disease that can attack if we do not regulate our diet. Therefore the most appropriate prevention is of course by controlling food intake appropriately.
Prevention of diabetes can be done in several easy ways, which if applied, a healthy diet will also be formed. Reporting from Health.com , these are tips for managing diet to prevent diabetes:

1. Enough to your body’s carbohydrate needs

Make sure carbohydrate intake is not excessive. This includes staple foods, such as rice or noodles, and high-carbohydrate snacks such as donuts with sugar or chips. To ensure your carbohydrate needs properly, the calculation of energy needs needs to be done by health workers or nutritionists.

2. Choose whole-grain carbohydrates

Whole grain has a high fiber content, besides the content of vitamins and minerals in whole grains is more complete than ordinary grains.

3. Combining carbohydrate foods

You certainly know that there is enough food that we can substitute for rice? Combining staple foods can be a great way to prevent diabetes because the glycemic index that enters the body will also vary and vary in nutrition.

4. Eat regularly

Sounds trivial, but it is good to prevent diabetes. By eating regularly the body’s blood sugar will be controlled so that the body will get used to stable blood sugar. Get used to breakfast, lunch and dinner and mixed with snacks every 2-3 hours

5. Limit consumption of drinks or sweet foods

You have heard this one, yes. Limit consumption of sugary foods and drinks mainly from artificial sugar in packaged foods and beverages. Keep in mind that the maximum limit for consuming sweet foods is as much as 4 tablespoons of sugar, which is equivalent to two servings of drinks or sweet packaged foods, yes.

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