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Guide to Ramadan Fasting | Complete and healthy

Ramadan is the month awaited by all Muslims in the world. Even a long time of Ramadan fasting certainly requires us to prepare ourselves. Even though it’s done a full month, the fact is that the benefits of fasting are very much for our body.
Do you know?
Many people feel that they have prepared themselves well, but are actually not ready. Most people are more focused on preparing the sahur menu and breaking the fast than preparing the body condition.
In this article, Medhat will discuss thoroughly about:
  • 13.1. Fasting for pregnant women
    • 3.2. Fasting while breastfeeding
  • 4. How to maintain the health of fasting children
  • 5. Sports that can be done while fasting
  • 6. Fasting diet
  • 7. Habits Conducted during Fasting
    • 7.1. Drink ice
    • 7.2. Eat fried foods
    • 7.3. Direct smoking
    • 7.4. Vaping
    • 7.5. Masturbating
Immediately we discuss one by one!

# 1 Menu of Healthy Fasting (Sahur and breaking fast)

When fasting, the body certainly needs a balanced nutritional intake. Therefore, it is not uncommon for someone to prepare a special menu while fasting. You need to know, in fact there are several special menus for sahur and breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan .

1.1. Healthy Sahur Menu that Makes Strong Fasting All Day

Sleepiness at dawn makes us sometimes lazy and even miss it, even though sahur is very important. You will get various benefits, from getting energy, stabilizing sugar in the blood, to smooth digestion.
Of course, food consumed at dawn must also be considered!
Food at dawn must contain:
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Vitamins and minerals
Not only that, the stages taken are not allowed so that nutrients can be absorbed by the body to the maximum. Not know?
If so, you must know first about nutritious sahur tips and menus so that fasting remains energized throughout the day.

1.2. Break the Menu to Body Back Endurance

“Make love with the sweet ones.”
You may be familiar with the sentence, but is this true and healthy?
The statement is true, but the thing you should pay attention to is the chosen breaking fast menu. Choose sweet foods and drinks such as dates and natural juices.
Avoid consuming excess sugar when breaking the fast of Ramadan because it can increase the risk of obesity.
Not as long as you are full, breaking the menu must also be considered. Just imagine, your body does not eat food all day, then the intake must be considered. If you choose the break fast menu, as a result, various health risks cannot be avoided.
In fact, there are separate rules regarding takjil that are consumed when breaking the fast until there are various myths about breaking the fast that we have been following. Therefore, Doctors have healthy eating tips when breaking fast which can be your guide for a full month.

# 2 Benefits of Fasting for People with Chronic Disease

Guide to Ramadan Fasting |  Complete and healthy
Having a real illness is not an obstacle to being able to fast in Ramadan. Believe it or not, the benefits of fasting can actually make your physical condition more healthy. There are also various chronic diseases that are cured by fasting.
This time we will also discuss the requirements for fasting for sufferers of the following diseases:

2.1. Ulcer

Ulcer sufferers will certainly relapse when late eating or empty stomach in a certain period of time. Then, how can you fast?
Especially for those of you who have a history of chronic ulcers, there’s no need to worry!
In fact you can still fast if you follow a variety of fasting guide tips for ulcer sufferers . Guaranteed fasting will be smooth for a full month without worrying that the stomach will recur.

2.2. Diabetes

You need to know that diabetics are quite risky to run fast, especially people with type 1 diabetes. Do not be discouraged because you can still run fast by understanding and running well the rules of fasting for diabetics .

2.3. Cholesterol

Do you believe?
There is a study that states that changes in diet when a person is fasting can reduce bad cholesterol levels. This certainly applies to cholesterol sufferers who manage food intake well.
Not enough to get there, there are still many benefits of fasting for cholesterol sufferers .

2.4. Kidney

Until now, there is still debate about whether or not people with kidney disease should fast. There is a study that states that the quality of life for patients with kidney disease can increase if fasting.
Unfortunately, this does not apply to sufferers with certain criteria. More clearly, please understand what should be considered first about the rules of fasting for patients with kidney disease .

2.5. Uric acid

Gout sufferers will usually relapse if they eat red meat, offal, and seafood . Many think that enough not to consume these foods, then uric acid will not recur during fasting. Is that right?
Apparently there are other facts that explain the benefits of fasting for gout sufferers . There are several things that must be considered also by the patient to get the maximum benefit.

2.6. Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

The benefits of fasting can also be felt by people with hypertension. Of course, this benefit will only be felt if you consume certain foods and drinks at dawn and break the fast. If it’s not right, then high blood pressure can recur.
Especially for patients with this disease, you must first know the tips and benefits of fasting for people with hypertension so that the worship is smooth and the health condition gradually improves.

2.7. Cancer

Cancer is the most feared and most difficult to cure. During Ramadan, Muslims with cancer can still undergo mandatory fasting provided they are under the supervision of a doctor.
More specifically, we have also summarized the scientific explanation that states that fasting can increase cancer-producing cell production .

# 3 Rules of Fasting for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers

docs as healthy as pregnancy-fasting
Many people think that when fasting, the body’s nutrients get drastically reduced. Therefore, there is also the notion that pregnant and lactating women are not recommended to fast. Its that true?

3.1. Fasting for Pregnant Women

As we know, Islam does not require fasting for pregnant women. Nevertheless, there are studies that explain that there are no side effects experienced by babies born to mothers who fast during pregnancy.
Want to try fasting in this month of Ramadan? Check out the tips for fasting safely for pregnant women !

3.2. Fasting during Breastfeeding

One thing that needs to be understood is that fasting does not affect the amount of milk production. One thing that needs to be considered by the mother is the intake of the sahur menu and breaking the fast every day. Make sure the nutrition is balanced, so that the milk remains high quality.
Actually, is there a risk of fasting for nursing mothers? Then, will the baby’s health be disturbed if the mother fasts even though the milk is enough?
The answers to these questions can be found in our article about tips for running fast for nursing mothers .

# 4 Tips to Maintain Children’s Health During Fasting

Fasting is indeed required to be carried out by adults or those who are already acquainted with Islamic teachings. In fact, there are also many parents who have started teaching their children to fast from childhood.
Unlike adults, children are more easily weakened in carrying out Ramadan fasting. If you are like this, as parents, you have to be smart in fulfilling the nutritional intake of children who are fasting.
Don’t be careless and don’t compare with adults!
We recommend that you first read and understand how to maintain the health of your child while performing fasting that we have summarized for you. Not only is it fasting, children will stay healthy until the Eid-ul-Fitr day arrives.

# 5 Permanent Sports You Can Do Although Fasting

Can we exercise when fasting?
Of course the answer may be, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Ramadan fasting that we live. In this regard, you must adjust to the condition of the body.
It turns out that exercise during fasting can be done:
  • 2 hours before breaking the fast, or
  • 2 hours after breaking the fast
Each of these times also has rules and benefits for the body. Actually, which one is better between sports before breaking the fast or after breaking the fast?
Not only that, not all types of exercise are good when fasting. There are several types of exercise that can be chosen so that the body stays fit while fasting.

# 6 Procedures for Fasting Diet for Sliming Faster

Do you have a slim target?
Just started a diet, but have you entered Ramadan?
No need to be confused because you can still diet even though you are fasting for Ramadan!
Do not be mistaken, in fact many people are actually getting fatter while fasting because they are unable to control the fast breaking menu. Well , for those of you who are dieting, of course, you must be good at managing your diet.
Do not let the sahur and breaking the menu really be reduced because the diet is committed. You need to know that fasting diets are quite different from the normal diet.
Also read our review of the fact that fasting diets can reduce weight faster!

# 7 Habits Often Done During Fasting, Dangerous?

There are many daily habits that are still done while fasting, whereas in fact this habit is quite dangerous.
Wow , maybe you still like to do it too!
Apparently, this is a trivial habit that is dangerous if done when fasting:

7.1. Drink Ice When Breaking

After holding thirst all day, of course it will be very fresh if you consume ice or cold drinks. Usually, the choice of breaking our fast when Ramadan fasting will fall on sweet iced tea or fruit ice.
Are you one of them?
If the answer is “yes”, then start now avoiding this habit!
You can still eat ice when breaking the fast, but if it’s already been mixed up with other foods and drinks. If not, your body is in danger.
More specifically, let’s first read the dangers of drinking cold immediately when breaking the fast !

7.2. Eating Fried When Breaking

In addition to ice, other dishes that are quite “tempting” and blocking the stomach when breaking the fast are fried. The right portion and warmly made make this snack become the prima donna when breaking the fast.
Unfortunately, fried foods have a considerable danger to our bodies, and can even invite deadly diseases!
Especially for those of you who often break fast with fried foods, first know the reasons for dangerous fried foods to be used as a menu for breaking fast !

7.3. Direct Smoking When Breaking Fast

You who are active smokers usually can’t wait for the sunset call to be able to smoke. In addition to canceling fasting during the day, it turns out there are many dangers of fasting smoking .
If you already know the dangers, of course this month of Ramadan can be used as the right moment to stop smoking. You are interested?
Doctors have the right tricks to stop smoking when the fasting month is special for you!

7.4. Change cigarettes with vape

Electric cigarettes are known as  vapor or  vape . Quite a lot of people are mistaken because they think  vape  is healthier than cigarettes. Is it true?
You need to understand that  vaping  during the daytime in Ramadan will cancel fasting. Not only that, there are also serious dangers that target you if  vaping  during fasting .

7.5. Doing Masturbation

Masturbating during the day is certainly not allowed and will make fasting null and void. Therefore, many people masturbate after breaking the fast.
Do you know?
Masturbation when breaking fast is dangerous!
You can be addicted to difficult concentration. If this is the case, it will be difficult to cure, so avoid the desire to masturbate during the month of Ramadan.
That is a complete guide to the fasting of Ramadan that you can make a reference in a full month of worship. Hopefully this review can be of use to you.
Don’t forget to share this article with the closest people to be able to run Ramadan fast smoothly and healthily for a full month. Happy fasting!
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