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How Much Can You Eat Chips?

Who can stop when eating chips? Chips are indeed a snack that makes it difficult for us to stop consuming them, huh. But unfortunately we have to be very clever to limit intake because most chips have a high content of calories and sodium.
Of course there are various types of chips whose nutritional content is not all the same. Therefore there are several ways we can measure how much we should eat chips, namely by:

1. Pay attention to the recommended serving sizes

Packaging chips certainly have serving sizes on the packaging. We can use these doses to determine how much we can consume them.
We recommend that you consume only one serving for one day, so if the recommended portion of the package is 10 servings, we can consume the chips in 10 meals with the same amount or portion.

2. Measuring using our hands

Amelia Winslow, a nutritionist from South California recommends that everyone consume chips in one meal as much as one hand, with enough chips (not too high / too little on the hand).
This is called more effective than paying attention to the serving dose on the packaging label. The information on the packaging label adjusts to the needs of 2000 kcal, which not everyone needs the same number of calories or portions, while the number of hands can be quite a good size.

3. Adjust the nutritional content per serving with the nutritional needs of our body

Paying attention to the nutritional content of each serving, and comparing it with the actual nutritional needs of our body, is one of the most accurate ways to get the right portion for consumption of chips.
For example, our bodies need 100-200 calories for a single snack and we will get it from chips only, so consider how much content per serving we can eat to meet our body’s calorie snack needs. If your body needs are high enough then you might need to consume two servings of chips in one meal.
Now, there are three ways to find out how much you can eat chips. Pretty easy to do, right?

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