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It is dangerous to use newspaper to dry the freshly cooked fried food

 Many people use newspaper as a place to put freshly cooked fried foods before serving them into plates, jars, or other containers. The purpose of using this newspaper is to reduce the excess oil content in the fried food. Unfortunately, according to health experts, the habit of using newspaper as a fry dryer can endanger health.
Not only fried foods that we find on fried food carts, some of the foods we treat ourselves like hotcakes or crackers are often often dried on newspaper. The choice to use newspaper is usually because it is easy to find and is no longer used. In fact, this newspaper may have been exposed to dust and various impurities and has ink content.
By placing food that is freshly fried on newsprint, the ink on this newspaper will be absorbed in the food. If we often consume it, the risk for cancer can increase.
Lots of newsprint containing graphite. Unfortunately, this content can also be mixed in food ingredients that are still in hot conditions. If it gets into the body, the body’s excretion system will experience interference and can trigger an impact on the health of the kidneys and lungs.
Chemical solvents contained in newsprint can also be absorbed by fried foods that we have just processed. This content can trigger bad effects on digestive health and hormonal balance.
Seeing this fact, do not use newspaper to dry fried food anymore. In addition, do not buy fried foods placed on newspaper or wrapped in newsprint. If we fry ourselves, use a paper towel that is coarse textured and is made specifically to absorb oil.

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