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Menstrual Blood Color Can Reflect Someone’s Health

Menstruation is a natural monthly cycle that is characterized by the outflow of blood from a woman’s womb. Every adult woman must experience this monthly cycle. The period of menstruation also varies, but generally it will last from 3 to 9 days.
The more smooth and normal menstrual process, it indicates that a person is in a normal and healthy state. Because, there are some women who experience menstrual disorders due to health factors.
In addition, the color of blood released during menstruation can also indicate a person’s health. Because when menstruation, the color of blood coming out is not the same. For that, you need to know the color changes of blood when you are menstruating to know your body and physical condition. Here are 4 menstrual blood colors that must be considered.

1. Fresh Red

When you bleed red immediately during menstruation, then it indicates that estrogen levels in the body are lacking or low. The more fresh red blood comes out, the more at risk of osteoporosis . Therefore, it is recommended to consume lots of foods that contain protein.

2. Dark Red

This blood color is often released by menstrual women. This natural condition is considered a healthy and normal condition. Because, the hormone estrogen and progesterone are stable or balanced. Usually also women who bleed will experience a smooth menstrual cycle without a hitch. To maintain a healthy body, you are advised to carry out activities or light exercise such as walking, cycling, or gymnastics.

3. Brownish

Brownish blood usually comes out when menstruation enters its final period. However, the color also indicates if the progesterone level in the uterus is low. There are no serious concerns about these symptoms. It’s just that you have to maintain your body condition by assuming that foods that contain vitamin B so that hormone levels are balanced.

4. Orange

This color is indeed somewhat rare, but some women experience it. The blood is orange because the blood from the uterus is mixed with fluid from the cervix. Then, orange blood can also indicate that there are infections and health problems that need attention. To anticipate the worst possibility, you should immediately go to the doctor for further examination.

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