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Pregnancy Guide: Characteristics, Nutrition, Abstinence, Disease

Being able to get pregnant quickly and have children is certainly a dream of newly married couples. Not infrequently there are those who have read and applied the guidelines for pregnant women, but have not succeeded.
Especially for new couples, may still be confused about how to get pregnant quickly, pregnant programs according to the sex of the child, to what is good and bad for the womb.
Surely now you and your partner don’t need to be confused anymore because this time the doctor makes a complete guide for pregnant women consisting of:
  • 1. Planning for pregnancy
    • 1.1. How to get pregnant quickly
    • 1.2. Characteristics of pregnancy
    • 1.3. Pregnant program for girls
    • 1.4. Pregnant program for boys
    • 1.5. How to calculate gestational age
  • 2. Fetal development from time to time
    • 2.1. 1 month fetus
    • 2.2. 2 months fetus
    • 2.3. 3 months fetus
    • 2.4. 4-month fetus
    • 2.5. 5-month fetus
    • 2.6. 6 months fetus
    • 2.7. 7 months fetus
    • 2.8. 8 months fetus
    • 2.9. 9 months fetus
  • 3. Things that must be considered by pregnant women
    • 3.1. Trimester 1
    • 3.2. Trimester 2
    • 3.3. Trimester 3
  • 4. Important nutrients are fulfilled during pregnancy
    • 4.1. 1st trimester nutrition
    • 4.2. 2nd trimester nutrition
    • 4.3. 3rd trimester nutrition
    • 4.4. Booster food for the fetus
    • 4.5. Food so the baby is not disabled
  • 5. Foods & beverages that are good for consumption
  • 6. Foods & beverages are avoided
  • 7. Abstinence during pregnancy
    • 7.1. Activities that must be avoided
    • 7.2. Habits that must be avoided
  • 8. Disease during pregnancy
    • 8.1. Hemorrhoid
    • 8.2. Placenta previa
    • 8.3. Rubella
    • 8.4. Toksiplasma
    • 8.5. Preeclampsia
    • 8.6. Gestational Diabetes
    • 8.7. Hepatitis
    • 8.8. Other Pregnancy Problems
  • 9. Sports for pregnant women
    • 9.1. Safe sports tips
    • 9.2. Dangerous sport
    • 9.3. Pregnancy Gymnastics Movement
  • 10. Having sex during pregnancy
  • 11. Myths and facts of pregnancy
  • 12. Characteristics and methods of giving birth
We immediately discuss one by one the pregnancy guidelines, let’s !

# 1. Pregnancy Planning | Pregnancy Characteristics and Programs

program-pregnant-doc healthy
There is someone who can get pregnant quickly, but there are also those who find it difficult to get pregnant.
Especially for couples who are difficult to get pregnant, usually will do various ways to be able to immediately have a baby.
Now there are many ways that can be done in order to get pregnant quickly and even regulate the sex of the desired baby.
You can find a solution to the problem of pregnancy in the guide for pregnant women.

1.1. How to Get Pregnant Fast

Most couples, especially those who are new, certainly want to have a baby soon. Therefore, not infrequently many are wondering how to get pregnant quickly after marriage ?
Apparently there are several steps that must be taken to get pregnant quickly. If all of these steps are done, then the chances of you getting pregnant sooner will get bigger.

1.2. Characteristics of Pregnant People

Not infrequently the prospective mother does not realize that she is pregnant. Actually there are several factors, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. There are also those who cannot distinguish between pregnancy and menstrual symptoms.
Now you do not need to hesitate because we review the characteristics of young pregnancy. There are two things that must be known, namely the non-physical characteristics of pregnant women and the physical characteristics of pregnant women .
If you experience all of its characteristics, don’t be sure you are already pregnant. More accurately, of course, see a doctor.
When you are positively pregnant, then immediately find a guide for pregnant women to increase your knowledge!

1.3. Girls Pregnancy Program

Craving for a child of a certain gender is certainly legitimate. Most parents want daughters because they feel unruly and are more able to accompany their mothers at home.
Do you crave girls?
Now you can do a pregnant girl program by reading the way here!

1.4. Male Pregnancy Program

Many also want to have boys when they are newly married. Of course there are several ways to get pregnant quickly.
You must pay attention to various things if you want to program boys, starting from the right sex position to food intake. You can find more details here!

1.5. How to calculate the age of pregnancy

There are still those who do not understand how to properly calculate gestational age . In fact this is quite important in order to provide proper nutrition for the fetus.
The guide for pregnant women certainly consists of methods or methods to accurately calculate gestational age, ranging from the count itself to the obstetrician.

# 2. Fetal Development from Time to Time

calculator-pregnant-doc healthy
Parents certainly can’t wait for their baby to be born. Many are also curious about what the fetus is developing from time to time.
If you like this, usually do an ultrasound. Unfortunately, ultrasound is dangerous if done too often and certainly requires no small amount of money.
No need to be discouraged, this guide for pregnant women from Medicinal Doctors will explain in detail about the development of the fetus every month.

2.1. 1-Month Fetus: Still Measuring 0.2 cm

When the womb is only one month old, pregnant women usually feel morning sicknesswhose symptoms are nausea and vomiting.
Not only that, in fact a month-old fetus is still a small dot with a size of 0.2 cm.
No kidding, you also need to know what needs to be considered when the fetus is 1 month old .
When consulting a hospital, the doctor will usually give you a guide for pregnant women to look after the fetus for the next 8 months.

2.2. 2-Month Fetus: Babies Begin to Be Tied to the Uterus

Entering the second month, usually morning sickness has begun to disappear.
The size of the fetus at 2 months also increases to 1.5 mm or 0.15 and even when it will enter the third month, the size of the fetus increases to 1.2 cm – 20 cm.
In addition, the baby begins to be tied to the uterus and there is a series of tests that the mother must do.

2.3. 3-Month Fetus: Starting to Feel Smooth Movement

When 3 months pregnant, prospective mothers usually begin to be able to feel the movement of the baby in vague. The size of the fetus also increases to 7.4 cm and weighs around 23 grams.
You can also start playing music to the fetus when you are 3 months pregnant .

2.4. 4-Month Fetus: Organs Formed

When the gestational age enters its fourth age, the baby’s organs begin to form and grow rapidly.
When you are 4 months pregnant, you as a prospective mother can start a pregnancy check using ultrasound .
There is also a need to know the tips for 4 months of pregnancy so that the womb can be maintained more carefully.

2.5. 5-Month Fetus: More Perfect Organs

When the fetus enters the age of 5 months , the fetal organs will become more fully formed and also more active at night.
Even in a pregnant woman’s body, there will be a significant development because the stomach will grow faster.

2.6. 6-Month Fetus: Face Begins

Entering the age of 6 months pregnant, the baby’s face has begun to form, especially in the mouth and eyebrows.
There are many things that must be done by the mother when she is 6 months pregnant . In addition, there are also some tips that must be done so that labor is smooth.

2.7. 7-Month Fetus: Nutrition at the Peak

The seventh month is the final trimester of pregnancy. At this age, the nutritional needs of the fetus are at its peak, so food consumption must be considered.
Not only that, there are many checks that must be done when 7 months pregnant .

2.8. 8 Months Fetus: Babies Form Perfect

8 months gestation is certainly very close to birth. The fetus has also been formed perfectly in this phase, can even see and hear.
Usually the doctor will make a control appointment every two weeks when the woman is 8 months pregnant to see the baby’s development.
In addition, the doctor will also provide guidance for pregnant women before birth.

2.9. 9-Month Fetus: Baby’s Head Moves to Pelvis

The prospective mothers must have prepared themselves when they were 9 months pregnant. When this phase, the baby’s head will spin and move to the pelvis. Fine baby nails begin to form in this phase.
The rest, you also need to know what a 9-month fetus develops in the mother’s womb .

# 3. Things You Must Look For Prospective Mothers

trimester-pregnancy-document is healthy
The pregnancy phase is divided into three, namely the first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester.
Of course there are preparations and things to do in each trimester of pregnancy. What is done is of course to maintain the condition of the mother, even to make the fetus stay healthy and develop.
The following guidelines for pregnant women in each trimester:

3.1. Trimester I

This period is arguably very important for the fetus because all organs have just begun to be formed. Unfortunately, at this time also the body of pregnant women is very vulnerable, so it is very risky for miscarriage.
If you want to have a healthy pregnancy until delivery, then know and do some habits in the first trimester  based on the correct maternal guidelines.

3.2. Trimester II

The condition of pregnancy in the second trimester is arguably more pleasant and feels much better. Most mothers say they really enjoy this phase.
You also can certainly enjoy the second trimester of pregnancy by doing a number of things, such as caring for the skin, caring for the skin, and even traveling.
What else can be done? Find out here!

3.3. Trimester III

Entering the third trimester, pregnant women usually begin to feel anxious before the birth process. If you experience the same thing, it’s good to stay focused on doing various useful things.
Surely you must understand in advance about what should be prepared during the third trimester .

# 4. Nutrition for Pregnant Women that are Important to Fulfill

nutrition-maternal-pregnant-doctor healthy
In the guidelines of pregnant women, each trimester is certainly very important to note because the nutrients needed are also different.
Surely Doctors will share what should be considered in each trimester of pregnancy.

4.1. Trimester I Nutrition

Please note that the first trimester is the 1st to 12th week and this is very important for fetal development.
There are several special nutritional substances that must be consumed in the first trimester of pregnancy, namely protein, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and fat.
More specifically, you can read more here!

4.2. Trimester II Nutrition

Turn to the second trimester of pregnancy.
In this phase, the nutritional needs of pregnant women must be given more attention. Foods that are rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are needed in this phase.
There is also a list of good foods consumed in the second trimester and their taboos .

4.3. Trimester Nutrition III

Trimester III is the last phase of pregnancy.
As a pregnant woman, you should consume nutritious foods while controlling weight. Do not get obese because you eat too much and do not follow the guidelines of pregnant women given by your doctor.
Entering the third trimester, there are 15 nutritious foods that are very good for pregnant women .

4.4. Fetal Strengthening Food

Paying attention to food intake during pregnancy is certainly a very very important thing. Food from full, but not nutritious, in fact will actually have a negative impact on the baby.
Therefore, the doctor summarizes 15 fetal strengthening foods that you can consume regularly during pregnancy.

4.5. Food so that the baby is not disabled

Every parent certainly does not want their children to be born disabled. Generally, defects occur when entering the age of three months of pregnancy.
There are many factors that cause birth defects. Usually defects in infants are also caused by mothers who do not understand the guidelines for pregnant women.
The good news is, the possibility of birth defects can be prevented by eating defective birth defects .

# 5. Food and Drinks that are Good to Eat while Pregnant

The guide for pregnant women is closely related to food intake. When pregnant, of course there are some foods that should be consumed and avoided by pregnant women.
Rules regarding what is consumed are certainly closely related to nutrition for the fetus. Nutrition of pregnant women must be directly related to food for pregnant women.
More specifically, here are some drinks and healthy foods for pregnant women:
  • Coconut water
  • Jelly
  • Avocado
  • Apple
  • Spinach
  • Eel
  • Dragon fruit
  • Broccoli
  • Chicken feet
  • Cincau
  • Chicken’s liver
  • Fish
  • Corn
  • Orange
  • Green beans
  • Cauliflower
  • Raisins
  • Pumpkin
  • Catfish
  • Papaya
  • Pare
  • Petai
  • Banana
  • Watermelon
  • Cassava
  • Soy milk
  • Strawberry
  • Know
  • Bean sprouts
  • Egg
  • eggplant
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Ubi
  • Shrimp
Well , what are you waiting for?
Come on , multiply the consumption of drinks and food based on the guidelines of pregnant women above so that prospective babies get maximum nutrition!

# 6. Foods and Beverages that should be avoided by pregnant women

If in the previous point we discussed about healthy food for pregnant women, of course there are also drinks and foods that should not be consumed by pregnant women.
Actually there are many taboos for pregnant women, but at this point we will discuss the food first.
Based on the correct maternal guidelines, these dangerous drinks and foods:
  • Wine
  • Meatballs
  • Cempedak
  • Chocolate
  • Durian
  • fast food
  • Fried
  • Jengkol
  • Lime
  • Cheese
  • Spicy food
  • Salty Food
  • Sweet Food
  • Instant noodle
  • Pineapple
  • Jackfruit
  • Goat satay
  • Tape
  • Alcohol
  • Ice
  • Coffee
  • Soda
  • Tea
That’s the food and drinks that are dangerous for pregnant women. So, avoid during pregnancy, huh!
Actually you may consume it occasionally, but with very little portion.

# 7. Abstinence during pregnancy

abstinence-pregnant-doctor healthy
When pregnant, there must be certain limits on certain things. You may have to avoid activities and habits that are a hobby.
Take it easy, these things should only be avoided during pregnancy, how come !

7.1. Activities that must be avoided

When referring to the guidelines of pregnant women, there are quite a number of activities that should be avoided by pregnant women. This time we will only discuss some activities that really need to be avoided.
As we know, pregnant women are prohibited from lifting heavy loads, standing too long, and even soaking in hot water.
More specifically, you can see what the activities and reasons are here!

7.2. Habits that must be avoided

In addition to activities, you also need to avoid some habits that might be done everyday.
For example, you often consume coffee or use high heels. Both of these habits must be willing to be abandoned during pregnancy.
Do not underestimate, there are still 7 habits that should be avoided by pregnant womenso that the womb remains healthy.

# 8. Alert! This is a disease that attacks pregnant women

pain-sick pregnant women
Photo source: pinterest.com

It cannot be denied that there are several pregnancy diseases that should be watched out for.
Not only dangerous for the mother, but usually will have more impact on the fetus.
There are many factors in pregnancy disease and most are caused by mothers who do not understand the guidelines for pregnant women.
Some diseases that commonly affect pregnant women include:

8.1. Hemorrhoid

One complaint of illness while pregnant is hemorrhoid. Usually, many hemorrhoids are complained at the end of the second or third trimester.
The cause of hemorrhoid during pregnancy is the presence of hormonal changes and the development of the uterus which suppress the vein. No need to worry, this is an effective way to overcome hemorrhoids during pregnancy .

8.2. Placenta Previa

Please note first that placenta previa or low-lying placenta is a condition of part or all of the placenta covering the cervix.
One step so that this does not happen, it must understand the causes, symptoms and treatment of placenta previa .

8.3. Rubella

This one disease is one that is quite feared by pregnant women. Rubella can potentially cause fetal death if the mother is attacked before five months of pregnancy.
Symptoms of rubella are a reddish rash on the skin and can be seen as measles. More specifically, there are still 6 symptoms of rubella that need to be watched out.

8.4. Toxoplasm

Furthermore, there is also toxoplasm which is believed to be transmitted through cats. Is it true?
In fact, toxo viruses are transmitted through pregnant women and the faeces of infected animals.
Before it becomes dangerous, of course, recognize what symptoms and treatment of Toxoplasma are .

8.5. Preeclampsia

The next pregnancy is preeclampsia which occurs after the 20th week.
Preeclampsia is the presence of high blood pressure and protein in the urine during pregnancy. If left unchecked, preeclampsia can be fatal for pregnant women and the fetus.
There are many factors that cause preeclampsia, so we first identify and find out the treatment of preeclampsia .
The first step you can also do is ask your doctor about the right guidelines for pregnant women to deal with preeclampsia.

8.6. Gestational Diabetes

This one disease usually does not show certain symptoms in pregnant women.
Gestational diabetes usually disappears after giving birth. The risk, babies will be born will be obese, low blood sugar, even premature birth.
Even though it looks dangerous, there are several steps in treating gestational drops .

8.7. Hepatitis

Other pregnancies are hepatitis. Generally, hepatitis B is the most transmitted by mothers to their babies.
The impact of hepatitis on pregnant women is heavy bleeding until infant death at birth. Of course hepatitis in pregnant women can be cured if handled properly.

8.8. Other Pregnancy Problems

In addition to the diseases described above, there are still some health problems that are often felt by pregnant women.
If you feel:
  • Varies and leg cramps, find a solution here!
  • Sleeplessness, digestive problems, and seemed to float, find a solution here!

# 9. Sports for Pregnant Women

When pregnant, your body’s movements need to be limited. A pregnant woman should not be too tired so that the fetus is well maintained.
However, a good pregnancy guide certainly suggests that pregnant women should keep exercising. The correct pregnancy exercise movement will facilitate the delivery process.
Before deciding to exercise, pay attention to this:

9.1. Safe Sports Tips for Pregnant Women

When deciding to exercise during pregnancy, of course it cannot be done carelessly. There are several tips that must be considered so that exercise is safe for pregnant women .

9.2. Dangerous Sports for Pregnant Women

Although it is recommended to exercise, but there are some sports that are dangerous for pregnant women, especially for fetuses in the womb.
What are the sports that are harmful to the womb? Click here!

9.3. The Right Pregnancy Exercise Movement

There are also pregnancy exercises that can be used as a choice by pregnant women to prepare the birth process. Of course there are several pregnancy exercises that must be known and cannot be done carelessly.

# 10. Having sex while pregnant

Many ask:
Can you have sex while pregnant?
It turns out the answer is permissible, even this can have a positive impact on the physical and psychological condition of pregnant women. One of the most suitable sex movements is  woman on top .
The rest, you can also see pregnancy guidelines related to having sex here!

# 11. Pregnancy Myths and Facts

Whether we realize it or not, there are quite a lot of pregnancy myths circulating in the community. Unfortunately, there are many who believe that the reason has been applied since the ancestors first.
Don’t be mistaken!
You must first know the myths and facts about pregnancy .

# 12. Characteristics and methods of childbirth

Especially for pregnant women who contain their first child, they may still be confused as to what characteristics of childbirth are near. Of course you must understand first 8 the characteristics of giving birth so you can prepare the birth process.
Next, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what birth method to choose. Generally, most mothers use a normal or caesarean delivery method  .
Apparently, there are 4 other alternative birth methods that are safe to choose!
That’s a glimpse of the guidelines for pregnant women that you can use during pregnancy. Hopefully useful and your pregnancy smoothly.
Also find interesting articles about pregnancy only at DokterSehat !

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