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Research Shows Teenagers Rarely Sleep Now and Often Online

Along with the progress of the times, the habits of adolescents change from initially only struggling with homework to being often exist on social media. The presence of social networking platforms and chat applications makes teenagers more fun with their devices than doing other activities including sleep.
Teenagers are more absorbed in their own world so that one day can be online for approximately 5 hours. This time is long enough to disrupt the sleep cycle and also affect the condition of the body, especially those who are puberty.

Research on adolescent behavior

A professor of psychology from San Diego State University conducted research on children since 2015 ago. From this study Jean Twenge found a decrease in the amount of sleep from adolescents. Teenagers should sleep for 8-9 hours a day to maximize their bodily functions. However, in this study junior high school-level teens only slept less than 7 hours.
At least 40 percent of teenagers experience sleep disturbances because they are preoccupied with cellphones or computers. Of the 336,000 teenagers studied, Jean Twenge also found the fact that half of them were engrossed in cellphones and online for more than 5 hours each day.

Effects of sleep deprivation on teenagers

Adolescents who are still 13-18 years old are advised to sleep 8-9 hours every day. Getting enough sleep will make teens more productive at school. In addition, they are also not easily tired when doing daily activities.
Getting enough sleep also facilitates blood flow and also promotes the work of hormones. Teenagers who are experiencing puberty can experience perfect growth in their sexual organs. Finally, getting enough sleep also makes children healthy and avoid dangerous diseases.
If you have teenagers, limit them to continuing online . That way, the quality of sleep is not disturbed.

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