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The Dangers of Eating Too Much Fried Rice

 One of the most popular foods to eat at night is fried rice. Not only delicious, fried rice will also warm the body when the night air temperature is quite cold. It’s just that health experts advise us not to eat fried rice too often because it can trigger adverse health effects.
The first thing that will happen if we eat fried rice too often is to gain weight. This is caused by calories in fried rice which is very high. The main ingredient of fried rice, namely rice, already has a high calorie content. Coupled with processing fried in oil, the caloric content will certainly increase. Not to mention the presence of additional side dishes such as eggs, meat, or even crackers which certainly have not a few calories.
Not only can you increase body weight, often consuming fried rice can also trigger dangerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke , and other cardiovascular diseases. This is caused by cooking oil which is used to process fried rice which is included in unsaturated oil. The content in this oil can aggravate the health of cardiovascular organs.
Indeed, fried rice has a very good taste, especially if we have found subscription fried rice that suits our tastes. However, it’s good that we start reducing the frequency of consuming it and always apply a healthy diet with balanced nutritional levels.
In order to maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels, health experts also ask us to routinely consume vegetables, fruits, and meet the needs of drinking water every day.
If you often eat fried rice, don’t you?

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