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Tips for Eating Super Healthy Fasting Sahur

 Have you prepared the Sahur menu for the night? Sahur and fasting on the first day are always memorable. In addition to being the opening month of Ramadan, the choice of food at the right dawn will also support the fasting of the first day of fasting, you know.
In order to get these benefits, let us know how the following healthy eating tips are:

1. Try not to eat high-calorie foods near bedtime

This condition is often not realized but it turns out to greatly affect the smooth running of the first day’s fast, you know.
In order for your first sahur meal to be maximized, if you want to eat dinner, try to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. Choose foods that don’t have many calories such as whole wheat bread, animal protein, and vegetable and fruit and vegetables rather than fatty and sweet foods for dinner.
This is important because if you eat foods with lots of calories before going to bed then chances are you still feel full or lazy to get up to eat for sahur will be large so that food intake at dawn cannot be optimal.

2. Eat high-fiber snacks before the main meal

Consumption of high-fiber snacks at dawn will greatly assist adequate nutritional intake to start the first fast.
Try not to wake up suhoor too close to the time of prayer so there is a gap between eating snacks with the main meal.
Choose high-fiber snacks such as edamame beans or boiled soybeans or consume vegetable soup as food before the main meal will provide high fiber intake so you can feel full longer when fasting.

3. Consume balanced nutritious main foods

After a snack, make sure your main meal consists of complete nutritional intake .
Provide carbohydrate sources such as rice, bread or noodles without packaging spices, animal side dishes from meat, eggs or chicken, side dishes of one vegetable dish, if snacks are not from vegetable protein, and don’t forget vegetables, yes.

4. Avoid fatty cooking methods

This is important for all food groups .
Avoid choosing snacks before the main meal in the form of fried foods, for example tofu fried contents or fried spring rolls.
Do not choose carbohydrates that are processed with fat such as fried rice or processed rice with added fat or other coconut milk.
For the first fast, consume side dishes at dawn try with the steamed method, boil or burn instead of fried. This also applies to vegetables, avoid consuming coconut milk or fried vegetables.
Consumption of high-fat foods, especially during the first dawn, will aggravate the body’s metabolism, especially in the first dawn the body will adapt to the preparation of the first fast. Consumption of high-fat foods is not recommended.
Replace with a healthier method besides the method with fat, yes.

5. Choose healthy drinks at the first dawn

A good drink consumed during fasting is a drink that can hydrate the body. Water or juice from high fruit fluids and fiber can be the right choice.
Besides being able to hydrate the body, the consumption of both will also increase fiber intake so that the body will be full longer.
Avoid consuming drinks with lots of sugar or caffeinated drinks because it can cause the body to feel fast and weak and cause disturbances in sleep patterns or health problems such as increased blood pressure.
Well, so now you know , right how food selection tips for eating a meal tonight. Congratulations on preparing the sahur menu, huh.

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