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Viral Used Oil Bathing Boy, What is the danger for health?

Lately a photo showing a kid bathing viral used oil on social media. The boy who is known to come from Sleman, Yogyakarta is caught stealing used parts in a workshop so that the workshop owner punishes him in this way.
Photo Credit: Facebook Jogja Prevention Info
The photo that originally came from a social media group Facebook ‘Jogja’s Cegatan Info’ immediately became a conversation of Warganet. Many people consider this punishment to deter the child and no longer steal later. However, there are also people who consider this punishment to be outrageous.
According to automotive experts, used oil is included in the B3 category of waste, which means that it is hazardous and toxic. This is caused by the presence of chemicals in used oil and heavy metal content which originally came from gasoline fuel. If this heavy metal enters the body, it is feared that it can cause adverse effects on internal organs like kidneys, liver, or even nerves.
When checked his health condition at Turi Health Center, Sleman, the boy is known to have experienced eye and skin irritation with red eye symptoms, the eyelid skin at the bottom of both eyes is also red, and irritation of the ear skin. The boy was also asked to do a further health check to find out whether there was oil content that entered his body or not.
Even though it is only natural to punish a child if he makes a mistake or an act that is not commendable, it would be good if we do not punish the child in an outrageous way as the workshop owner did. Especially with the fact that asking the boy to bathe with used oil can actually harm his health.

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