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What You Need To Know About Long Storage of Skincare Products

Maybe many of you still don’t understand how to save a good skincare . Moreover, you also often find your favorite skincare experiencing changes in shape and color, even though the expiration date is still fairly long. Now, to prevent this happening, it never hurts to know the right tips for storing favorite skincare products like the following.
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1. Store Products at Low Temperature or Room Temperature

A number of products are often accompanied by appeals for proper storage. In fact, some products must be stored in the refrigerator or in room temperature. Reporting from the Bio Elements page , the temperature difference can affect the product condition. Moreover, many products that directly experience changes in shape and color because it is concomitated with bacteria when stored in a hot place and high humidity levels. Therefore, keep skincare products in accordance with the instructions included.

2. Dispose of Expired Products

Many of you who still use the product are expired because it’s a shame to throw it away. Especially if the contents of the product are still relatively large and can be used. In addition to information, the use of expired products will actually trigger irritation reactions on the skin. Moreover, when it passes the expiration date, the active ingredients in the skincare are no longer active and work according to their functions. Instead of experiencing a number of problems, it would be better if you immediately discard the expired product.

3. Use Products That Have Been Opened

Although closed products can last up to three years, you must immediately use the product in a period of less than one year. This is done to prevent products contaminated with bacteria and dirt which makes the product dangerous for the health of your skin. In addition, if the product is packaged in the form of a jar , make sure to take the contents of the product with hygienic hand condition so that the contents of the product remain sterile from dirt and bacteria.
Well, a number of the tips above can help you save and use skincare products optimally and effectively. In addition, always pay attention to the expiration date of the product to be purchased to avoid undesirable things.

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