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Which is healthier, smoothies or juices?

 Do you know the difference between juice and smoothies ? Both of them do look similar but apparently not the same. Approximately, what are the differences between the two and which are healthier?
Health experts and dietitians from Health.com, Cythias Sass, explained that either juice or smoothies have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is certainly important for us to know in order to weigh which one is better between the two.


Smoothies are generally made by blending the whole fruit, except for non-edible parts such as seeds.
The advantages of smoothies are nutritional intake of fruits and vegetables, especially the fiber that we make is more maintained because there is no part of the material that is wasted.
In addition to making smoothies it is very common if we add other ingredients such as yogurt, whole grains or food ingredients. For example chia seeds, peanut butter or cocoa powder. This certainly will increase nutrient intake from smoothies.
However, this is sometimes applied with the selection of improper additives so that it makes the calorie intake in the body increase. The use of yogurt, ice cream or high-fat milk in smoothies will cause excessive calorie intake.
Saas added that smoothies are often used as drinking options for main meals so this makes calorie intake in one meal more than 400 kcal.


Juice is the easiest choice for many people to eat vegetables and fruit. This is due to the consistency of juice from a liquid juicer making it easier to digest. This makes juice superior to smoothies .
But, unfortunately, compared to smoothies , the content of fruit and vegetable fibers in the juice is often wasted. This is common in the use of juicers . The result is of course nutritional benefits, especially fiber, which we don’t feel as much as smoothies .

Then, which one is better?

Both are certainly just as good for increasing nutrient intake, especially fruits and vegetables. We may occasionally consume juice, but we recommend that the frequency of consumption of smoothies be increased so that fiber intake in the body can be fulfilled.

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